The club is sponsoring a local high school exchange student to Australia.


Corey Powers, a member of the junior class at North Haven High School who is being sponsored as a foreign exchange student by the local Rotary club, appeared with his family for a fair well breakfast with the service club recently. The adventuresome youth briefly described his mixed emotions about the trip. Indicating that he was looking forward to travelling to Australia, he said that he would miss his family and friends.  He stated that he will be living with four different families during the school year and expects to be there for about 11 months.  Adding that he will be living in a small town “about the size of North Haven called Moruya”, he also announced that he had set up a personal blog on the Internet that he entitled “Aussie Adventure” ( so that the people back home would be able to follow his adventures in the Land Downunder.  He would soon have to head to the airport, as school was to begin on August 8th. Corey closed his remarks pointing out that while he was excited about going, at the same time he was feeling a bit nervous.