Since North Haven hosted the annual Columbus Day parade which rotates through several area towns, the Rotary club featured a float.

North Haven Rotary Club Portrays Search for New World
A North Haven Rotarian found an unusual way to celebrate his 60th birthday on October 12th. Attorney James Giulietti, a past president and club member for nearly 15 years, accepted an unusual assignment recently when he agreed to play the part of Christopher Columbus in the New Haven area’s Columbus Day Parade. Standing proudly on the deck of the North Haven Rotary Club’s float which attempted to depict one of the explorer’s famous three ships, Giulietti often posed at the bow as if pointing the way to the New World with one hand, while displaying a small globe in the other. Dr. Richard Bassett, next year’s president of the club, was heard to exclaim, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”
Bassett and the club’s vice president, Mark Minotti, who is chairing the upcoming pancake breakfast honoring veterans on November 9th, were credited with building the attractive structure on a donated trailer housed at Merola Motors the week before the multi-town event. At least a dozen members, as well as several spouses joined in to paint and decorate the float which would fly the flags of Italy and the USA. According to Rotarian Mary Jane Mulligan whose garage hosted the work behind the scenes, four couples who were major contributors to the effort were George and Rose Guertin, LuAnn and Frank Buono, Deana and Ryan Morin, and Rick and Jennifer Bassett.
Another group contributing to the success of the float was the Interact Club at North Haven High School. A group of these students produced the two main sails which featured hand painted symbols for the two service organizations falling under Rotary International. In addition to the festive decorations, floral arrangements donated by the Forget Me Not Flower Shop adorned the seemingly seaworthy vessel. Shop owner, Luigi Nuzzolillo, also served as a grand marshal for the parade along with Phyllis Havens.
PHOTO: Traveling aboard the North Haven Rotary Club’s Columbus Day parade float on his birthday, 'Christopher Columbus' (Attorney James Giulietti), seeks to discover America.