Some of the highlights of the Affordable Care Act were explained to the club. 


With the October 1st open enrollment date for the Affordable Care Act looming, a local medical insurance broker who is a past president of the North Haven Rotary Club, addressed the club regarding several of the details of the federal legislation nicknamed Obama Care which requires everyone to carry medical insurance. Nick Casella explained that everyone must now participate, and the window to enroll for the uninsured falls between October 1 and March 31, 2014. He pointed out that although there is no change for the majority who are already insured, there are millions who are uninsured, but will no longer be prevented due to pre-existing conditions, or the high costs that seem to skyrocket each year.

Casella stated, “Many consumer reforms have taken place that will help people who didn’t previously qualify to finally get insurance,” but he added that financial penalties would be enforced against those who do not pay for insurance with the hope of alleviating their expenses for emergency room treatment currently borne by the insured through higher premiums. He continued, “Having health insurance means taking care of yourself and your family. For this new system to work, everyone must participate.”

One member of the audience confirmed the skyrocketing expense indicating that his own recent medical costs exceeded $650,000. Acknowledging the comment, the speaker added that the law requires that each state set up an Exchange (now called the Marketplace) where insurance may be obtained, and the “government is heavily relying on insurance brokers to be a source for enrollment on the various health insurance plans that will be made available to the public,” as well as helping people to seek subsidies to minimize their cost. For further information contact    or, and/or listen to Casella’s updates on the radio at WQUN, am 1220.