Annual dance competition to raise funds for children's charities held at NHHS supported by club, once again.


The Chief Program Officer for the American Red Cross in CT and RI, Richard V. Branigan, is a North Haven resident who also serves as the president of the popular Kids for Kids dance competition held each spring at the local high school. As a guest of the North Haven Rotary Club recently, he said he came to officially invite the club to continue to support the multi-state event which has been raising funds for children’s charities for twenty years, reaching a total of over $800,000. In recent years, Rotarians in town have prepared and served food in the concession stand, as well as providing some supervision at the entrances to the auditorium.


The self described “dance dad” beamed with pride as he stated that there are some 600 students who will participate this year who truly appreciate the wonderful opportunities that they have had, adding that they are “paying it forward” as they raise money for those less fortunate. Their entry fees often go to support young patients with major health issues, including critically ill children. Branigan was proud to point out that of the estimated $100,000 expected to be taken in this year, 70% will be donated to children in need in Connecticut. In fact, there are two local children with major health issues who have already been designated to receive substantial financial support this year.


In addition, the North Haven Education Foundation will continue to receive funding ($20,000 over the years), and this year, playground reconstruction will take place due to Storm Sandy, as well as helping to build a playground to be known as “Where Angels Play” in Sandy Hook. The public is urged to attend the free entertainment anytime during the four days of dance performances which run from the evening of Thursday, April 18th throughout the following days and evenings, concluding Sunday evening, April 21st. Rotary President Mike Hallahan encouraged the public to come sample the many delicious offerings prepared on site and available at reasonable prices in the concession stand throughout the competition. For more information, go to