Seemingly tireless Rotarian describes his background to his latest club.
British born in the mid-nineteen fifties, Ian Brooks came to the United States after studying mechanical engineering at Manchester University and serving as a residential social worker in Edinburgh. A North Haven businessman since 1978, this member of the Eagle Toastmasters in Wallingford devotes a great deal of his free time helping others in need.
Inducted into the North Haven Rotary Club last year where he hit the ground running, Brooks immediately took on various responsibilities related to the club’s annual Day of Wine & Roses in September. Already committed to stumping for that event this year, he recently volunteered to serve as the Sgt. at Arms for the Rotary District 7980 Conference set for May 2-4 in Groton, CT.
Also a long time contributor of time and effort to Master’s Manna in Wallingford, he is also a recent addition to their board of directors and leads their Strategic Planning and Development committee. Over the years, as a volunteer for the charity that focuses on the homeless, Brooks has also been active in their program development, as well as leading other projects there.
The Wallingford resident has worked as an International Sales and Marketing Manager for various U.S. manufacturers of electrical/electronic products, travelling extensively worldwide.

The seemingly tireless community volunteer presently serves on both the board and the development committee of an organization known as Community Mediation in Hamden, while he and his wife, Beth, somehow find time to raise three children.
PHOTO: Ian Brooks was recently asked to share his biography with the North Haven Rotary Club.