Mom spent a year in Japan as an exchange student, but her high school son will go to Australia.

Corey Powers, a sophomore at North Haven High School, will be traveling to Australia sometime in July to spend his junior year in the Land Down Under. This student exchange with North Haven will operate through Australia’s Rotary Club # 9710. Corey had applied to study in Japan, Australia, or Poland; and the Rotary International selection committee awarded him a school year in Australia. In a recent address to the North Haven Rotary Club, Corey said, "I really can't thank my grandpa, Henry Scoop, enough for helping me get into a program such as this. It’s almost impossible to contain the excitement I feel, as well as the feelings of anticipation for what will come my way in the next school year."

Corey’s mother, Lisa Scoop, was a Rotary exchange student when she was in high school and spent a year in Japan. When asked for her impression of her own experience she stated, “My experiences as an exchange student helped me in numerous ways; the most important of which was to help me decide on a future career. I met many new people, learned a new language, and studied a new culture, about which, if not for the Rotary Youth Exchange program, I would not have otherwise known. I feel that it truly changed me as a person, and helped me to grow and mature with a little more understanding of the world.”


When asked about her present feelings as a parent she replied, “This is a great opportunity that I could not let pass for my son. However, while I know about the program and some of what to expect, it has been a little harder for his father (Sean) that his son is going away for a whole year. One cannot truly understand what it may feel like once he is gone for such a long period of time, but I know that Corey will do well and take advantage of every opportunity that he can.”

In regard to Corey’s reference to his grandfather, Lisa added, “My father is Henry Scoop and he is a member of the Devon Rotary Club in Milford. I believe that he is one of the original members, and is a Past District Governor who served in 1994-1995. (North Haven’s Past President) Chun Hsu served as president under my father’s term.” She thanked the North Haven Rotary Club for supporting her son's educational adventure, as well; and Corey promised to stay in touch next year, and address the club again upon his return to the USA.