“Alejandro Munoz's stay in North Haven this last year, was indeed a welcome addition to our club's activities," said President Nick.
Debbie Volain, the 2013-14 president of the North Haven Rotary club, who has been the coordinator of the club’s student exchange in recent years, said she accepted another exchange student this year, despite the group’s decision to do so on alternating years. When one of the shoreline clubs had to back out of its commitment, District Governor Rick Bassett requested that his home club sponsor a young man from Bolivia, and North Haven immediately agreed. The club welcomes families in the community to take exchange students into their homes.
The club’s latest CEO, Nick D’Ambrosia recently stated, “Alejandro Munoz's stay in North Haven this last year, was indeed a welcome addition to our club's activities. He touched the hearts of many of our Rotary family, especially those of Jim and Claudia Giulietti and John and Theresa Viele. Both couples were extremely generous and caring to our exchange student. Allejandro will be sorely missed.”
James Giulietti, an attorney in the community who is a former club president issued the following statement: “Alejandro is the third student that my wife and I have hosted under the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Each experience we have had has been terrific. Ale was no exception. We went on a number of adventures with Ale, including amusement parks, New York City, hockey games, concerts and other events too numerous to mention. He is a very pleasant and happy young man who was truly delightful just to have around the house and participate in normal daily life here in the United States.
“The exchange program is a unique opportunity to share our culture with those from other lands. At the same time Americans get to understand other perspectives of our country and come to realize we have a lot more in common than we have differences. I am sure we will continue to communicate with Ale as we watch his life progress, and I am sure he will be a credit to his community and country. Hopefully, we will see him again one day, either by us traveling to Bolivia, or his returning to visit. It has been a genuine joy.”
Theresa Ranciato-Viele, herself a past president of the Rotary club, had this to say about the third occasion that she and her husband John have hosted a Rotary Exchange Student in recent years:
“The North Haven Rotary Club had the pleasure of hosting Alejandro Munoz, of Bolivia, for the past year. He lived with Jim and Claudia Giulietti for the first half of the school year, and John and Theresa Viele the second half. Jim and Theresa are both members of the Rotary Club.
Alejandro was a junior at NHHS and was a member of both the soccer and track teams. He was a pleasure to be with, quick with a smile and always ready to try new things.  With his host families, he visited Virginia, New York, Louisiana and travelled with other Rotary Exchange students to the western United States.
Prior to leaving for home, a large party was held in his honor by Brian and Phyllis Havens. The last place visited by Alejandro and his host parents was Coney Island, hours before getting on the plane. Yes, he will be missed.”